Cabaret & Event Performance


In addition to full length shows and installation, Brian also creates a number of short, sharp cabaret performances as well as one-off commissions (both solo and with different collaborators) for different events and contexts. Examples of this work includes:

An Appreciation
A touching and revealing 10-minute cabaret performance about something lost and something gained…
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The Lehman Brothers Were Underwhelming Lovers (or, No One Would Fuck Them So They Fucked Everyone)
Created for Love Letters to a (Post-)Europe, a programme at BIOS, Athens, curated by Lisa Alexander. This 10 minute performance considered how we deal with the very real anger associated with collapse and crisis, who to take that anger out on, and how…

While You Wait… for a Cancer Diagnosis
Commissioned by Fuel for their While You Wait series in 2013, While You Wait for a Cancer Diagnosis is created in collaboration with research Kip Purdue and looks at the liminal space between a bump and a hard place.
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Socialisation is like a folk dance lesson: seemingly-innocuous, potentially traumatising, mandatory. This 20-minute fully interactive dance performance is a short version of Ruach and appropriate for 5-150 audience members.

Sometimes I go out by myself
A tribute to Amy Winehouse and her particular Semitic beauty, this 5-minute cabaret performance uses nose-blown balloons to create an image which is unsettling, funny, sexy, disgusting and sad.

American Cheeze
Inspired by the attraction and revulsion associated with American culture (and American competitiveness/pride in particular), especially when viewed from abroad, this 4-minute cabaret performance includes the near impossible task of Brian eating an entire packet of the desiccated, chemical cheese from a box of class Kraft Mac and Cheese. Created for I’m With You at the Hayward Gallery, London and shown subsequently at Summerworks, Toronto; Art Crush, Latitude, 2012-2013.

A meditation on safer sex practices, this 3-minute one-to-one performance finds Brian eye-to-eye with an audience member in a toilet stall doing something private, disgusting, hilarious, wet. Created for Shunt Vaults, London in 2009 and shown subsequently at Fierce in Wednesbury; Stoke Newington Airport’s Live Art Speed Date; Forest Fringe at Shunt, London; Add Wood Festival in Lisbon; The Basement, Brighton; 2010-2012.

Too Soon (with Season Butler)
An ode to Whitney Houston, this 7-minute cabaret performance celebrates Whitney’s iconic and problematic relationship with American pop culture, patriotism and destruction. S’mores are made, sparklers are lit, and Whitney’s cover of Star Spangled Banner is celebrated. Created for Duckie, London, and shown subsequently at Add-Wood Festival, Purex Clube, Lisbon, 2012.

Just Like They Do in the Talkies (with Season Butler) – This 10-minute one-to-one performance gives an audience permission to take up the dare offered by cinematic experience and simultaneously celebrates and problematizes the table flip, the drink slap, and more. Created for Olohuone, Turku, 2013.

Georgia’s O (with Eirini Kartsaki and Olga Raciborska) – Georgia O’Keefe claimed that any resemblance between her flower paintings and female genitalia was accidental. We make no such claim. In this all-night performance installation, women earned coupons to model their flower and women and men paid to design their own, handpainted neckscarf based on a woman’s flower. Created for Duckie’s Gay Shame Goes Girly at the Brixton Academy, London, 2009.

The rules of Wank bank were simple. punters to be paid to create a three to five webcam show in a temporary fully enclosed bedroom installation. Live feed to be projected to the second floor, where one punter pays to watch. No restrictions are made on the conduct of those in the Wank bank and the paying customers have no guarantee of what they will see. Some will read a book or just talk for most will take full opportunity of the privacy and boyent mattress. As per the agreement no permanent video was saved. Created for Duckie’s Gay Shame (Manly), at The Coronet, London and adapted (under the name intimaCCTV), at Act Art IV, London, 2008.

(NOT That Kind of) Doctor Lobel Cures Horribles Performance
The morning after my PhD defence, I was waiting for a train from Victoria Station when that rare, but not imaginary, request came from over the loud speaker. “If there is a Doctor or Nurse in the Station, will they please come quickly to Gate 15”. For “(Not THAT Kind of) Doctor Lobel Cures Horrible Performance” I committed to making my performance analysis skills useful by diagnosing and treating audience members who experience Horrible Performance at the Edinburgh Festival. 14 people were treated in a 3 week period. Created for Forest Fringe’s Paper Stages in Edinburgh, 2012.

Making the Cut
On Hanukkah, Jews celebrate the victory of the cut over the uncut, but Making the Cut encourages audiences to honour their difference. Instead of raising our swords against each other in battle, Making the Cut encourages us to raise our swords in mutual admiration. This is a 2-hour installation (during which all audience members receive handmade latkes) followed by a 5-minute cabaret performance. Created for Duckie, London and shown subsequently at I’m With You, London; Brick Box, London; Vogue Fabrics, London, 2010-2012.

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