Love Letters & Lehman Brothers

An installation exploring personal and international collapse, technology and interconnectivity.


In this installation Brian attempts to find the presence of his boyfriend Grant’s inside the words of the 2000-page Lehman Brothers Examination Report (which Grant wrote shortly before his death). Everyday for five days, Brian will cut pieces of the historic report to recreate emailed love letters written between Grant and Brian from 2005-2006. Love Letters & Lehman Brothers explores ideas of personal and international collapse, and finding the individual stories inside broader, seemingly-humanity-less financial discourses.

Love Letters & Lehman Brothers has been created for Forest Fringe (Edinburgh), Frascati (Amsterdam), Brighton Festival, Library of Birmingham and Abrons Arts Center (New York City).


Mourning Glory/ Or Else Your Friends Will Have to Do It

Love Letters & Lehman Brothers is usually presented as part of a trilogy of performances exploring death, technology and connectivity, also including Purge, and Or Else Your Friends Will Have to Do It, which is a gentle and playful reminder about what remains behind when we’re gone. A reflection on mortality and responsibility, this self-led performance explores the rituals of mourning, memory and the music that goes with it.

Or Else Your Friends Will Have To Do It was a limited edition publication commissioned by Chelsea Theatre, and presented as an installation for Brighton Festival, CounterPulse (San Francisco), Forest Fringe (Edinburgh), Library of Birmingham and Abrons Arts Centre (New York City).  To order a copy of the performance pack for your home, send Brian an email.

Or Else Your Friends Photo