BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer (publication)

Unexpected, quirky and provocative, BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer is a unique collection of performances about illness and the changing body over time.

Documenting a trilogy of Brian Lobel’s monologue performances from 2001-2011, this collection challenges the inspirational stories of survivors and martyrs that have come before, infusing the ‘cancer story’ with an urgency and humour which is sometimes inappropriate, often salacious and always, above all else, honest and open.

Published together for the first time, this collection of performances goes beyond the chemotherapy to include reflections on politics, sexuality and gender, providing cancer – and cancer narratives – with a much-deserved kick in the ball(s).The publication features an Introduction by Brian Lobel.

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collected cancer works by Brian Lobel (DVD)

Cancer Cancer Cancer Cancer Cancer brings together 10 years of performance and live are projects by Brian Lobel made in response to, well, cancer. This double DVD set includes excerpts and full-length stage performances of the BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer trilogy as well as documenting his installations Carpe Minuta Prima and Hold My Hand and We’re Halfway There.

Also included are three shorts films made as part of Fun with Cancer Patients, a project exploring how live art methodologies can document the experience of illness.  Unexpected, provocative and irreverent, this collection of performances demonstrates that cancer might be more than just a horrifying malignancy ― it may just be a life’s work.

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Or Else Your Friends Will Have to Do It (limited edition publication made for Sacred Festival of Live Art)

A gentle and playful reminder about what remains behind when we’re gone. A reflection on mortality and responsibility, this limited edition performance publication explores the rituals of mourning, memory and the music that goes with it. Each publication comes complete with the instructions and tools necessary to create your own memorial through music.

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