24 Italian Songs And Arias

was a finalist for the Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award in 2015. AND WE ARE STILL MAKING IT! Good things come to those who wait, right? The trailer below is now no longer quite relevant (the entire show is no longer in Italian, my mom is mentioned but no longer an actual costar, etc), but I love this video and this site so much, I wanted to make sure it stayed here. Enjoy.

This work, a finalist for the Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award, was presented at the Crush Room (featuring Angela Caesar and George Reynolds) at Royal Opera House, in 2015. The work is a collaboration between Brian Lobel and soprano Gweneth-Ann Rand, Karen Lobel, a 17-year old boy, and a community choir. The work was presented as a work-in-progress at Latitude Festival in 2016. 

‘it's hard to resist the gorgeous final moments which remind that sometimes imperfection is far more interesting than flawless perfection, and often just having a go is a success in itself.’ Lyn Gardner

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