Theatre & Cancer is published!
I’m so proud to report that after over a decade of research, this compact read is now available from Red Globe Press/Macmillan Education. In celebration of the launch of Theatre & Cancer, I published a blog about the ‘Cancer Glossary’ that I use in the book, and invited three guest artists to contribute their work. Please check out blogs from Gia Jones, Emily Underwood-Lee and Lynn Ruth Miller. On 25 July, to launch the book, we had a magnificent event with Jess Thom (Touretteshero) and Catherine Long on Cancer & Disability. Documentation of the event forthcoming.

King’s Culture Residency - BINGE Safely
For 2019-2020, I will be in Residence at King’s College London’s Department of Informatics, working with Dr. Nishanth Sastry and Dr. Peotr Slovak, exploring BINGE from new perspectives, devising new studies on binge-watching, behaviour and cessation. I’m really really really excited to start.

Kicking Up Our Heels with GOSHArts (Great Ormond Street Hospital)
Commissioned by GOSHArts and supported by Arts Council England, this collaboration with Emily Underwood-Lee and Emily Speed is focused on the self-care, rest and relaxation (or complete lack thereof) of parents and carers during a child’s illness. After 100 bed-side, intimate performances/consultations with families, a new artwork will premiere in autumn 2019.

Upcoming in 2019

19-20 October
BINGE at Fierce
Line-up and Location announced in September.

8 November
24 Italian Songs & Arias at Certain Blacks Festival
Our opera about failure returns to London for one night only. With Gweneth-Ann Rand, Naomi Felix and more.

Previously in 2019

11 August
Fun with Cancer Patients Kanazawa RETURNS!
Our magnificent collaboration with Hanaume Cancer Support Centre and commissioned by 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art continues, with a group of our ‘wise’ participants (kuruoto) lead Fun with Cancer Patients for one day only. So proud that this project lives on locally.

24-26 May
New Performance installation, featuring the work of Qasim Reza Shaheen, Ali Rome, Jenny Gaskell, Leonie Higgins, Cheddar Gorgeous, David Chu/Eva Serration, Tammy Reynolds, and Andy Pilkington. A commission by Take Me Somewhere, Renfrewshire Leisure Out of Place and HOME Manchester.

BINGE @ Take Me Somewhere Festival
17-19 May
A new performance installation, featuring the work of myself, Katy Baird, James Ley, Owen G. Parry, Rhiannon Armstrong, Rachel Gomme, Daniel Cox, FK Alexander and Mustafa Ozpek. A commission by Take Me Somewhere, Renfrewshire Leisure Out of Place and HOME Manchester.

As Seen on TV
30 April
Live Art Development Agency celebrates its 20th Anniversary with a retrospective on live art/performance art on the small screen
Co-hosting with Naana Mora

Workshop on Intimate/One-to-One Performance for Bard College at Freehand Hotel
17 April
New York City

The Sick of the Fringe: Care & Destruction Festival
5-7 April
Wellcome Collection, The Place & Camden People’s Theatre
Featuring new commissions, talks, interactive events, and works-in-development by Travis Alabanza, Tania El Khoury + Basel Zaraa, High Rise Theatre Company, Frauke Requardt + Daniel Oliver, Le Gateau Chocolat, V/DA, Laurence Clark, Amelia Stubberfield, Viv Gordon, Lanre Malaolu, Tarik Elmoutawakil, Boaz Barkan, Lee Minora, The Creative Team from Hollyoaks, Lemn Sissay, Martin O’Brien and more.
For The Sick of the Fringe, I am the Artistic Associate/Co-Curator

Tate Late Human Library: Language Exchange, Hosting
29 March

You Have to Forgive Me, You Have to Forgive Me, You Have to Forgive Me (Performance and Installation)
4-17 March (with Brian there 9 & 16 March)
Part of The Festival of Rest and Resistance, curated by Jess Thom of Touretteshero

24 Italian Songs & Arias (with Soprano Gweneth-Ann Rand, Naomi Felix, Joseph Marchant and more)
15-19 January
The premiere of the newest version of my OSBTT Award-losing, twice ACE-rejected show… about failure. Part of NOW Festival at The Yard, on a double-bill with FK Alexander’s Diana is Dead. COME!


Curious Parcel (with FK Alexander & Season Butler)
Christmas Time
As part of a new art subscription box series, FK, Season and I designed a Curious Parcel surrounding our love of binge-watching.

The Lehman Brothers and Other Underwhelming Lovers
6 October
(or, No One Would Fuck Them So They Fucked Everyone)
part of Love Letters to a (Post-)Europe UK Tour

Purge (the Return)
5 October
Kinneksbond Centre Culturel Mamer
A special, one-off performance of Purge will take place in Luxembourg. Rewritten and recreated for a Post-Cambridge Analytica world...

F*CK PERFORMANCE ART, GIMME MY BOXSET (DIY) - with FK Alexander & Season Butler
12-14 October
KARST, Plymouth
Brian, FK and Season led this DIY workshops (supported by LADA and KARST) exploring binge-watching, mental health, isolation and endurance.

'Visions and Voices' Presentation of BALL & Other Funny Stories at USC, University of Southern California
A new keynote presentation made with absolute rockstar friend and colleague Gia J. More details forthcoming about our future plans with this.
27 September
Los Angeles, USA

Fun with Cancer Patients: Kanazawa (the Return)
Supported by the Artist’s International Development Fund (Arts Council England) we brought Fun with Cancer Patients back to Kanazawa, and our now expanding the project, preparing to tour the work in Japan. We presented the work at the Japanese Psychosocial Oncology Conference, September. A trailer for FWCP is here.

Hold My Hand and We're Halfway There at Club Fierce: Dance Amnesty
23 June
Part of the Birmingham International Dance Festival, this is my favorite show to perform, and I'm thrilled that it's back, and on a bill with so many awesome artists.

'Shaking the Foundations', a Keynote Conversation for ‘Agents of Change: Annual Conference for Museums Galleries Australia
with Simon Chaplin, Director of Culture and Society, Wellcome
7-8 June
Melbourne, Australia

Talk at the School of Engaged Art - 'The Social, Medical, Political and Emotional Potential of Interactive Performance’ and Workshop at Telaboratoria
25 + 27 May
St. Petersburg, Russia

Private Cities Residency in Beirut, supported by Diverse Actions (Live Art UK)
Working with Forest Fringe and Dictaphone Group, it was awesome.

The Sick of the Fringe Diagnoses NORMAL?! Festival of the Brain
10-13 May
We're back working with local writers to Diagnose and respond to the Festival at Quarterhouse and all over Folkestone. Check out the writing here.
Folkestone, UK

Late Night with Jonny Woo at The Glory
For something completely different, I'll be performing a few numbers for Jonny Woo and Guests at Glory Lates
14 April
London, UK

Keynote talk: 'How the Arts can Support & Inform Health Research' at UCLHs Centre for Nursing, Midwifery, Allied Health Professionals and Pharmacy-Led Research Annual Conference
17 March
London, UK

Fighting to the End - a sharing of new work by Lynn Ruth Miller
I've been working with Lynn Ruth and director Sarah-Louise Young to develop a new full length theatre work about what it means to pursue your career at 84 years old.
11 April
London, UK

A Pacifist's Guide to the War on Cancer UK and Australian Tour!
Back in a new edition for 2018, A Pacifist's Guide toured to Liverpool, Newcastle and Coventry in the UK, and Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra (Australia). 

RAZE Collective – ‘Queering the Institution / Ignoring the Institution / Destroying the Institution’ a conversation with Season Butler and Lyall Hakaraia, hosted by Brian Lobel
19 February
Hackney Showroom (Free)



Fun with Cancer Patients – (beautiful photos and tour forthcoming)
2-5 November
21st Century of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

THERE IS A LIGHT: BRIGHTLIGHT was back on tour to Chrysalis Festival (Edinburgh), National Cancer Research Institute’s Conference (Liverpool) and Find Your Sense of Tumour! Follow @bR1GhTLiGhT for more details.

Hosting and Performing Saturday Night Club Set with Naana Mora (on a night featuring the amazing Erin Markey)
7 October
Royal Vauxhall Tavern

Come Dine with Me –
Oh yes… I was a contestant on Come Dine with Me… While the episode is not currently available on replay, shoot me an email and I’ll send you a copy.  I’m proud. It was weird and fun.
18 September, 5pm, Channel 4.

Making Art That Matters – Keynote Talk
Hosponnomics Conference – Paris School of Economics
18 September

Cruising for Art – featuring Stacy Makishi and Johanna Allitt, Katy BairdRachael Young and Cambridge-based performers Jack Bateman + Ant Lightfoot, J K Brook + Philip Cornett, Laura Matthews, Jess Marlow, Michael Brown, Matthew Schlerf, Lara Jaffey . Built in collaboration with Pink Festival.
13 September
Junction Cambridge

Programming Healthy Communities, hosted by The Sick of the Fringe
Panel and Interactive Conversation for British Council Showcase
22 August

The Sick of the Fringe at Latitude
Series of Performances featuring: Austerity Cu tsAgeing Disgracefully (hosted by Lynn Ruth Miller) and FK Alexander’s Recovery
13 July

Cruising for Art
24 June
Tate Britain – Queer and Now
with Season Butler, Rachel Mars, Vida, Sarah Stranger, Owen Parry, Miles Coote, Andrew Martin Lee, Eirini Kartsaki and Catherine Long

Normal: What is it Good For
25 May
Sexuality Summer School, Manchester University
Performance Dialogue with Liz Carr

The Sick of the Fringe Welcome Event
1 March
South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, Adelaide
Featuring performances by Brian Lobel, A Benefits Assessor + Renee Lim

17-19 February
London – Wellcome Collection, Conway Hall, Camden People’s Theatre and The Place
An overwhelming, brilliant festival featuring some of the most exciting, relevant and innovative performers we’ve met over the last two years in Edinburgh. With new commissions, workshops, talks, performances – it is going to be an absolutely amazing weekend of performances about illness, health, well-being, disability, the body. COME!

8-10 March, 21 March, 9 April
Manchester, Brighton, Liverpool, London, Oxford
Contact Young Company, in Collaboration with BRIGHTLIGHT create a new show about young adult cancer care, directed by Adura Onashile, with project direction by me. Supported by a Wellcome Trust Arts Award.

Performing Vulnerable Bodies
28 January
A talk for the Dramaturgische Gesselschaft



Keynote at 1st Annual AYA (Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer) Global Conference
5-7 December

Find Your Sense of Tumour (with Gia Jones!)
November 2016
Annual Session with Teenage Cancer Patients

A Pacifist’s Guide to the War on Cancer by Bryony Kimmings, Tom Parkinson and Brian Lobel

A Pacifist’s Guide to the War on Cancer
A Complicite Associates co-production with the National Theatre in association with HOME Manchester. Book by Bryony Kimmings and Brian Lobel. Music by Tom Parkinson. Lyrics by Bryony Kimmings. Directed by Bryony Kimmings.
Manchester, HOME
20 – 24 Sept 2016
Exeter, Northcott
28 Sept – 2 Oct 2016
London, National Theatre
14 Oct – 29 Nov 2016


The Sick of the Fringe Returns. Events throughout the entire month.
Hold My Hand and We’re Halfway There at Forest Fringe (10 Year Anniversary Season)

30 July
CLUELESS* (in collaboration with Figs in Wigs & Annette Braun)
Duckie, London

16-17 July
24 Italian Songs & Arias, made in collaboration with Gweneth Ann Rand, George Reynolds, and many others.
Latitude Festival, Henham Park

9-10 July
Southbank Centre, London

Leading Workshops at Gessnerallee, Zurich and Dirty Deal Teatro, Riga.

12-19 June
Fun with Cancer Patients in Kanazawa – Research Exchange
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
Supported by the Great British Sasakawa Foundation

16 May
24 Italian Songs & Arias (Pitch Presentation)
caravan Showcase, Brighton

27 April
Colchester Arts Centre

29 March – 3 April
Malthouse, Melbourne
Part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival

24-25 March
NUS Arts Festival, Singapore

6 March (and 7-9 March in people’s homes throughout Sydney)
You Have to Forgive Me, You Have to Forgive Me, You Have to Forgive Me
All About Women Festival, Sydney Opera House

14 March
BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer
Seymour Centre, University of Sydney
Co-presented by the Centre for Values and Ethics in Medicine, School of Public Health and the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies

17 March
Auckland, New Zealand (details posted soon!)

17-28 February
Performances of Purge, featuring Marcy Dolapo Oni and Gideon Okeke. Workshops at UniLag/MediLag
Lagos Theatre Festival, Lagos

12 February
Cruising for Art, Helsinki
Collaboration with Tanssin Talo, featuring Yoko Ishiguro, Mamoru Iriguchi, Katy Baird, Laura Pietalainen, Anneli Kanninen, Sonya Lindfors, Katja Koukkula, Kaari Martin, Jussi ‘Focus’ Sirviö, Jussi Väänänen, Jouka Valkama, Tuomas Juntunen, and DJ Collective Le Persé.

28-29 November
‘Let Me Hear Your Body Talk’ Workshops
HOME, Manchester

19 November
Artist Thinking & Breakout Workshop
engage Conference, Glasgow

12 November
24 Italian Songs & Arias
Shortlisted for Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Prize (supported by Barbican)
Crush Room @ Royal Opera House, London

2-3 October
The Lehman Brothers and Other Underwhelming Lovers
(or, No One Would Fuck Them So They Fucked Everyone)
part of Love Letters to a (Post-)Europe
BIOS, Athens

9-10 October
You Have to Forgive Me, You Have to Forgive Me, You Have to Forgive Me
Hotel Obscura, Vienna

Working (It) Out – with Catherine Long
DIY Workshop looking at group workouts, participation and marginalised bodies.

25-27 August
You Have to Forgive Me, You Have to Forgive Me, You Have to Forgive Me
Forest Fringe, Edinburgh
A featured performance at the British Council Showcase

3-30 August
The Sick of The Fringe
A major new initiative which I’ve created with Tracy Gentles, commissioned by Wellcome Trust, and featuring the participation of amazing performers, artists, medics and scientists including Liz Carr, Simon McBurney, Bryony Kimmings, Tim Grayburn, Ria Hartley, Emma Franklin, Laura Dannequin, and more. Stay tuned for more details.

21-30 July
Grinding Thoughts – with Catherine Long
Part of Choreodrome, Work in Progress Series
The Place, London

19 July
Cancer Death Match – with Holestar
Latitude Festival, Suffolk

5 July
Questioning Cancer
Find Your Sense of Tumour Conference – CentreParks

15-27 June
A Pacifist’s Guide to the War on Cancer: A Musical
Work-in-progress development with Bryony Kimmings & Tom Parkinson
Produced by Complicite, Supported by Wellcome Trust

9 June
Making Waves, Causing Controversy
Presenting on ‘So High, So Low’ a new documentary project
Sheffield Documentary Festival
Panel features Jon Snow, Ingville Charlotte Giske, Teresa Camou Guerrero

5 June
On Going On: Sustaining Life in Theatre
Birkbeck, London

27 May
Four Thought, BBC Radio 4
Listen here.

2 May
An Appreciation
Mr. Ms. Mx. Festival, Frascati, Amsterdam
Read a response from Simone Van Sarloos (in Dutch) here.

Artists on Art & Provocation
Panel with Dries Verhoeven, Tinkebell, and Florentina Holzinger

7-10 April
Purge (Stage Show & Installation)
Off-Center, Fusebox Festival, Austin
w/Installation created by Kymberlie Charles & Jeff Mills
Read a response from Purge performer Jeff Mills here.

6 April
An Appreciation
INdustry Night: Fusebox Festival, Austin

26 March
What the Treat Meant
Irongmongers Spa, London

20 March
What the Treat Meant
Buzzcut, Glasgow

18 March
Sex, Cancer & Cocktails
Sick Festival! Brighton
Read a Review of SC&C here.

15-25 March
Fun with Cancer Patients
(Im)Possible Futures, Ghent

9 March
Sex, Cancer & Cocktails
Collaboration with Professor Jackie Stacey, Dr. Ali Mears, Beth McCann
Sick! Festival, Manchester

6-7 March
Forest Fringe @ The Place, London

26-28 February
Intensive Cancer University (ICU)

22 January
LAB, Leeds

12 January
Hold My Hand and We’re Halfway There
European Creative Hubs Forum, Lisbon


18 December
Naked Boys Reading: The Holidays (Guest Curator)
Roundhouse Studio

4-6 & 11-13 December
Cruising for Art
Wellcome Trust Institute of Sexology
Featuring Owen Parry, Season Butler, Mamoru Iriguchi, Katy Baird, Taylan Halici and Catherine Long + Dinis Machado

29 November
Turkey Lurkey Time
Duckie Saturday Night, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London

 22 November
You Have to Forgive Me, You Have to Forgive Me, You Have to Forgive Me
Compass Festival of Live Art, Leeds

22 November
You Have to Forgive Me, You Have to Forgive Me, You Have to Forgive Me (Installation)
Dialogue Festival, Ovalhouse, London

15-16 November
Love Letters & Lehman Brothers
Library of Birmingham

31 October – 2 November
Hold My Hand and We’re Halfway There
Forest Fringe at New Visions Festival, Hong Kong 

23-25 October
You Have to Forgive Me, You Have to Forgive Me, You Have to Forgive Me
Ovalhouse, London

15 October
BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer
Otter Gallery, Chichester

4 & 5 October
An Appreciation
Love Letters & Lehman Brothers
Forest Fringe Microfestival at Abrons Arts Centre, NYC

26 Sept-Nov
Fun with Cancer Patients Exhibition
Otter Gallery, University of Chichester

28 August
BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer
Cabaret Crawl – hosted by Brian Lobel, with performances by Manila von Teeze, Faniswa Yisa, Buhlebezwe Siwani, Season Butler and Jezzy Belle
Cape Town Live Art Festival

7 August
You have to forgive me, You have to forgive me, You have to forgive me
Forest Fringe, Edinburgh

3 August
You have to forgive me, You have to forgive me, You have to forgive me
Steakhouse Live at Hackney Wicked Festival, the Yard Theatre, London

20 July
You have to forgive me, You have to forgive me, You have to forgive me
Latitude Festival, Suffolk

 24-26 June
You have to forgive me, You have to forgive me, You have to forgive me
and I couldn’t help but wonder…
Add-Wood Festival @ Purex, Lisbon

6 June
Pulse14, New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

29 May
I began to wonder
Bourgeois & Maurice‘s Shindig @ Ace Hotel, London

Throughout May
Performr – Premiere of New, App-Based 1-to-1 Encounters Series
Curated by Brian Lobel and Pink Fringe featuring Nomy Lamm, Scottee, Stacy Makishi, Root Experience, Steve Nice.
Supported by Arts Council England and Brighton & Hove City Council

14-18 May
Mourning Glory Trilogy
Brighton Dome for Brighton Festival

18 May
Purge – part of Mourning Glory Trilogy
Brighton Dome Studio, Brighton

11-13 May
caravan Showcase, Brighton

8-11 May
AUAWIRLEBAN, Bern, Switzerland

25-27 April
You Have to Forgive Me, You Have to Forgive Me, You Have to Forgive Me
Buzzcut, Glasgow

24 April
‘Ben & Jerry’s Ruined My Life’ Guest Waiter
Hunt & Darton Cafe at Kings Cross, London

17 April
An Appreciation
Hamburger Queen, RVT, London

9 April
BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer
Harvard Medical School, Boston

5 April
BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer
New York Academy of Medicine, NYC

21 March
‘Before I go…’ Guest Waiter Performance
Hunt & Darton Cafe at SICK Festival, Brighton

12-16 March
Carpe Minuta Prima and Purge
Infecting the City Festival, Cape Town

8 March
Georgia’s O – with Olga Raciborska
Traumfrau and Pink Fringe at The Russell, Brighton

1 March
Schmug – with Susannah Hewlett and Steve Nice
Home Live Art’s Alternative Village Fete at Royal Holloway, Egham

22 February
I couldn’t help but wonder… (SATC Tribute)
Duckie, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London

15 February
Cruising for Art – featuring Tui’s Nail Bar, Harry Clayton-Wright, Andrew Mitchelson, Gia Mitchell, Tom Parkinson, Eirini Kartsaki, and more…
Vogue Fabrics, London

9 January
Kakiseni, Kuala Lumpur

13-15 December
Love Letters & Lehman Brothers
Frascati, Amsterdam

11 December
Mourning Glory talk
Queen Mary, University of London

8 November
Canada Water Culture Space, London


3 November
JCC London


2 November
JCC London


23-27 October
Performance at Counterpulse, San Francisco, USA
Part of Forest Fringe Microfestival, I’ll be collaborating with SF artist Nomy Lamm and showing my own performance work, supported by University of Chichester


7 September – 6 October
Fun with Cancer Patients
mac, Birmingham
Part of Fierce Festival 2013


26-28 September
Cruising for Art
ANTI Festival, Kuopio, Finland
Featuring the work of Season Butler, Luke Pell, Stacy Makishi and Owen Parry


3-5 October
Carpe Minuta Prima
WoW Festival, La Jolla Playhouse, San Diego, USA
Created with Christina Aushana and Sean Estelle


5 October
Cruising for Art
Recyclart and Brigittines for Nuit Blanche/White Night, Brussels, Belgium

Featuring the work of Mamoru Iriguchi, Johanna Linsley, Figs in Wigs, Owen Parry, Isabelle Bats, Gaetan Rusquet, Harold Offeh, and more…


5 October
An Appreciation & Schmug (Documentation)
The Last Supper @ The Basement, Brighton


16-25 August – Forest Fringe:
Love Letters & Lehman Brothers (installation) – 16-20 August
Or Else Your Friends Will have To Do it – 16-20 August
Purge – 22-25 August (booking now open, limited capacity)

Whilst up in Edinburgh, I was part of a few very exciting events including pitching my work to international delegates as part of the British Council Showcase, speaking onPerforming Medicine work at Palace of Holyroodhouse (in the throne room!), and was also a guest waiter, making s’mores and serving lunch in heels at the also amazing Hunt & Darton Café.  The podcast I recorded for Fuel’s While You Wait Series (entitled Waiting… for a Cancer Diagnosis) also was released on 22 August, so keep an eye and ear out for it.


10 August
Flint in Ashley Farm, Salisbury


8-9 August
Battersea Arts Centre


6 August
Mourning Glory
A talk on Purge and Love Letters & Lehman Brothers
Royal Vauxhall Tavern

28 June
Performance Studies International
Stanford University, Palo Alto


3-7 July
Carpe Minuta Prima
San Diego Fringe Festival
Supported by La Jolla Playhouse (will be repeated at LJP in October)


12-14 July
Purge and Hold My Hand and We’re Halfway There
Santarcangelo Festival, Italy


18-21 July
Latitude Festival, Suffolk


24 May
BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer
Victory Gardens, Chicago
Part of the Bodies of Work Festival


17 May
Schmug – a collaboration with Steve Nice and Susannah Hewlett
Wellcome Collection, London


8 May
Cambridge Junction


3-5 May
GIFT Festival, Gateshead


24-27 April
Carpe Minuta Prima
Fusebox Festival – Austin, Texas
with Forest Fringe. Supported by the British Council


19 April
FRINGE! Film Festival
School of Fringe, Hackney, London


6 April
Maison des Arts de Creteil (MAC) for EXIT Festival.

Translated by Chloe Dechery.


29 March
Marlborough Theatre, Brighton


23 March, 4pm – 10pm
Hold My Hand and We’re Halfway There
London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
British Film Institute, London


9 March, 9pm
Contact, Manchester
Part of Flying Solo 2013


1 March
Double Bill:
Purge, 7.30pm & Ruach, 9pm
Camden People’s Theatre
Part of SPRINT 2013


28 February
Showroom, Chichester


24 February
Schmoozing for Art for Jewish Book Week – with Jonathan Kemp, Season Butler, Sophie Robinson and Julian Fox
Kings Hall, London


19 February
BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer
Southampton University School of Medicine


16 February
Cruising for Art
with Season Butler, Mehmet Sander, LOW PROFILE, ______ & Parry, Luke Pell, Katy Baird, Catherine Hoffman, Sharon Husbands, Lucy Fizz, Stacy Makishi, and Mamoru Iriguchi.
In Between Time, Bristol


12-16 February
Carpe Minuta Prima
with Yoko Ishiguro
part of TPAM at Bank Art, Yokohama


7-10 February
Hold My Hand and We’re Halfway There
Scala Cinema, Bangkok
part of Forest Fringe’s Live at The Scala, supported by the British Council


18-19 January
Beursschouwburg, Brussels
with installation by Isabelle Bats


Performances in 2012

5 December
BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer
Colchester Arts Centre


18 November
Let Me Hear Your Body Talk (Workshop)
Shoreditch Town Hall – for Clod Ensemble


6 November
Vooruit, Ghent


29 October
Love Letter & Lehman Brothers Presentation
Jewish Art Salon


24 October
Rose Theatre, Ormskirk


6 October
Hold My Hand and We’re Halfway There
Recyclart for White Nights, Brussels


23 September
An Appreciation
Manchester Museum of Science and Industry


4 September
Small Projects, Tromso


2 September
Carpe Minuta Prima Workshop
Ptarmigan, Tallin


29-31 August
Carpe Minuta Prima
Art Kiosk, Helsinki


25 August
BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer
Bluecoat, Liverpool for DaDa Festival


9-12 August
Purge, Hora, An Appreciation, American Cheeze and Sometimes I Go Out By Myself
Summerworks, Toronto


28 July
Rio Cinema


26  July
LAB, Leeds


13-15 July
HORA and American Cheeze


6 July
Rich Mix


28-30 June
Carpe Minuta Prima
PSi Leeds


22 June
Live Art UK Meeting at BAC


17 June
Schmoozing for Art
Camden Arts Centre for JCC London


14 June
love, Self- and Scrub
Tragallan, London


16 June
American Cheeze
Hayward Gallery, London


6-8 June
Ovalhouse, London


29-31 May
American Cheeze, Stalled, Too Soon (with Season Butler)
Purex, Lisbon for Add-Wood Festival


19 May
Guest Waiter
Hunt & Darton Cafe, Cambridge


5-6 May
BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer, HORA, Scrub & Weekend Hosting
Cambridge Junction for SAMPLED Festival


14 April
Too Soon (with Season Butler)
Duckie, London


4 April
BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer
Edinburgh Science Festival, Edinburgh


29 March
BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer
Marlborough Theatre, Brighton


24 March
Cruising for Art with Mamoru Iriguchi, Lois Weaver, Stacy Makishi, Season Butler, Mitch & Parry, Katy Baird, Figs In Wigs, Harold Offeh
BFI, London


20 March
St. Bartholomew’s  Hospital, London


18 March
BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer
Camden People’s Theatre for SPRINT Festival


7-8 March
BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer
Contact, Manchester


3 March
Purge (Keynote Talk)
Leeds University


1 March
Southampton Solent University


25 February
BLOP (Bristol Live Art Platform), Arnolfini, Bristol


14 February
Southampton University Medical School


11 February
BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer
Embrace Arts, Leicester