Described by audiences as ‘HOT,’ ‘Squishy,’ ‘Comforting,’ ‘Bumpy’ & ‘FanFuckingTastic’, An Appreciation is a short cabaret work about cancer and the changing body over time. In An Appreciation, Brian invites five audience members to medically ‘appreciate’ his genitals, without any knowledge of Brian’s cancer, and to write a one-word description. The show incorporates these words into a reflection on bodies and how they normalize, the passing of time, how it feels to touch and be touched.

“It was lovely and it was soft and sweet and very moving and quite tender. It was lovely, really lovely and I don’t often say that about touching testicles!” – Stella Duffy on BBC 2 Review Show

“a show that is deeply touching in more ways than one” – Lyn Gardner in The Guardian

“a moving and thought-provoking experience”  – Total Theatre

Photos by Finlay Robertson