BALL (2003)

Far from the world of yellow bracelets and pink ribbons, BALL is the story of a young man and his quirky and unique struggle against cancer and, more importantly, the Lance Armstrong-dominated cancer narrative. This is not your mother’s illness drama – BALL sees all of the disgusting parts of cancer not as things, which should be changed into things beautiful or inspirational. Instead, the sperm bank, the catheters, and the hair loss take center stage in all their glory, in a manner which is irreverent, honest, and, ultimately, healing.

BALL was performed over 150 times internationally in theatres, cabarets, medical schools and universities. The script was published by Routledge in Understanding Performance Studies and Disability Studies (2009), as well as part of the collection BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer (Oberon Books, 2012 + 2015).

“It’s a wonder that Lobel can discuss his intimate affair with America’s healthcare system with humor and pungency, but that’s what he does in this effective one-hour show. BALL represents Lobel’s reaffirmation of life after a harrowing experience. Lobel tells his own story honestly, with an engaging smile and the confidence to share intimacies and embarrassments with us.” – Windy City Times

Photos by John Reed (2006) and Joel Fildes (2010)