I couldn’t help but wonder… might my old collection of box sets hold all the answers?

In a world that can feel really scary, come in from the battlefield, hold each other tight, reflect and see things through a fresh set of eyes…

BINGE, a new performance installation curated by Brian Lobel, creates the space to slow down, disconnect from the noise of everyday life, reconnect with the comfort of a duvet and a listening ear. BINGE is a collection of one-to-one and intimate drop-in performances based around your favourite box sets, and exists somewhere between radical self-care and playful self-indulgence. Warmly nostalgic, BINGE collapses the distinction between the high-brow, the low-brow, and the freshly-plucked brow.

Featured performers are Ali Rome, Andy Pilkington, Cheddar Gorgeous, David Chu, Jenny Gaskell, Léonie Higgins, Qasim Riza Shaheen and Tammy Reynolds. Rhiannon Armstrong, James Ley, Owen G. Parry, FK Alexander, Katy Baird, Dan Cox, Mustafa Ozpek, and Rachel Gomme.

Leave your own drama behind, and insert yourself into a world where whatever the drama, it’ll probably be solved in under 30 minutes.

BINGE has been featured at Battersea Arts Centre, HOME MCR & Take Me Somewhere Glasgow.



Images above by Chris Payne

ES_PHOTOBASH_02_flat copy.jpeg

Photo Credit: Christa Holka and David Curtis-Ring

For each installation of BINGE, I commissioned a different artist to create a survey based on a tv show or character that they know and love. The surveys are used as part of the BINGE Diagnostic process. Here are four of the surveys - from Katy Baird, Owen G. Parry, Qasim Riza Shaheen and myself. The downloadable PDF’s are below.