Bryony Kimmings (Mummy Time) Wrapping is a Family Business

Rachel Gomme (Handover) If I give you my hand, will you give me yours? An invitation to a brief exchange of touch that leaves a lasting trace.

Mamoru Iriguchi (Anatomy of Desire): Come and help Mamoru undergo his metamorphosis into revolutionary new body and soul.

Owen Parry (Touching Feeling) In her last book before she died Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick made a case for Touching Feeling. This is another one.

Timberlina (as Tim Redfern) (Get it Here)

The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein (LADYLOVE) As an acclaimed woman/artist, The Famous will proffer her Female Strength to the audience in an intimate evening celebrating Self-Love, Sharing and Song. Leave your negativity at the door, so that your Inner Spirit can shine like a clean mirror, so that you can see your pretty face.

Tui's Nail Bar Ten-year-old Tui is one of Dalston's most respected manicurists, and the manicurist most of Dalston's club kids just adore.

Eirini Kartsaki (Peep Whole) So, you said you wouldn't have me, because you didn't know me that well, because you had met me only once. You wouldn't have me home, because it was too far away, because you were not sure.

Catherine Long (Solo for a Right Arm)

Timberlina, as Tim Redfern (Get it Here) You're HOT, but I need a sense of the real you before we think about exchanging fluids

Photos by Christa Holka

Featuring stage performances/interventions by The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein and Justin Hunt

curated by Brian Lobel and Aaron Wright