LatItude Festival, Suffolk (2011)


Tania El Khoury (Leave to Remain) Before granting you ‘Leave to Remain’ we must first execute a test. Good luck.

Tinned Fingers (Mania Mania) We are Team unbeatable and we want to take you on.

GraceLes (R. Justin Hunt) (Cheers for That) “No time to fuck; but you like to rush... with the weight of your dear, I forgot:" 2:30min, a paper bag, two bodies.

Johanna Linsley (T-G-O - Catalogue for the Library of The Great Outdoors) Put on your indoor voices while we get those nasty, slimy, sexy outdoor times back in proper order.

Mamoru Iriguchi (Bang Bang) Come shoot me with your love bullets.

Jenny Edbrooke (BraBound) Get all caught up in an act that liberates as it restricts.

Season Butler (Everything About You) Season Butler has never met anyone like you before.

Sophie Robinson (Souvenir) Write to me. Tell me what you take with you.

Daniel Oliver (Last dance) Come on. Make your move!

Rachel Gomme (Handover) If i give you my hand, will you give me yours?

Alyssa Sorresso & Kevin Corbett (Scream Coach)

arkem (Private Night Club) The most exclusive club in town!

Benjamin Sebastian (enola mai)

Dr Kemp  (DJ)

Photos by Georgie Lord