Forest FringE, Edinburgh (2010)

Featured Cruisers:

Arkem  (Pop-Up Pride)  Get your drag on in a mini-Pride photo-op extravaganza! 

Benjamin Sebastian (The Crush) Within the space between any two intimate strangers the potential for damage is a very real, often erotic and lingering threat. How can I survive you, my love, this Crush?

Dr. Kemp (DJ)  

Ellie Dubois + Kim Donohoe (The Bearded Collie Piece) We are going to plan our future together, and see how long we can make it last.

H. Plewis (Room with a View)  Come up and see me sometime and let me show you round my boudoir.

Mamoru Iriguchi (Shooting Love) Shoot me, love?  

Johanna Linsley + Jan Martens (Y-K-W Catalogue for the Library of You-Know-What) Prove what kind of sexy librarian you are.

Justin Hunt + Owen Parry (Las HER Manos: Nail Bar)  We all love a good hand job  from time to time, and the Las HER Manos sisters certainly know how to give 'em. Treat yourself, to a double ended MAN-OH-cure with a difference.

Liz Rosenfeld (Trust Me I'm Yours)  exchange.. confess.. exchange....a fleeting touch. a graze. bodies in motion. a flash. eye lock. An instant. smiles. listen. an effleuremet.  a meeting. a collaboration. an intimacy. a relationship. clarity. friendship. an event. a future. a desire. an investment. a submission. confusion. an ambivalence. permanence. a vessel. a responsibility.

Season Butler (Love Me, Nick Griffin) I have a secret crush. I don't think I can keep it to myself any longer. The truth is I'm crazy about him. But I'm not sure how he feels about me. Maybe we're just not right for each other. But I can change. Love Me, Nick Griffin is a love letter to utopia, an ode to lost causes.

Xana Marwick (You Suffer, But Why?) You Suffer, But Why? - 1.3 seconds to work it out. With a little help from Naplam Death.

Photos by Christa Holka