love, Self-

Is solo autobiographical work just public masturbation?

Most people think that solo autobiographic work is little more than a very public form of masturbation. love, Self- critically examined both practices through a review of solo performance history, personal reflection, and over 40 interviews with current online amateur pornographers. love, Self- explored sexual utopias and alternative communities, the relationship between academia and art, the indelible nature of sexual memory and the politics of studying communities. It was both a very queer academic paper and a very academic queer performance.

Presented at: Queen Mary (London), Around the Coyote (Chicago), Atelier du Passage (Paris), Seggau Castle (Leibnitz), WankBank at Duckie’s Gay Shame (London), intimaCCTV at Act Art (London), Pornified?! Conference (IOE, London), Tragallan (London) and Stoke Newington International Airport (London)

Photos by Christa Holka, Brian Lobel and Performers

love, Self- was the inspiration for two interactive installations, WankBank and intimaCCTV, which both encouraged audience members to make their own webcam video while being simultaneously watched by other audience members.