FEatured CRuisers:

Amel (from you to you) between you, and me, and corn flakes (but, that, you know, is optional). 

Alma Asantewaa aka Harold Offeh (So fresh and so clean! with Alma) Are you tired, dirty and depressed? Well freshen up, wash, wash, clean, clean with Alma!

Season Butler (Drip, Drip, Bounce) You work hard all week. Now it’s Saturday, let’s play.

Lucille Calmel (My Machine and I) handy gig. the sound of the skin.

Mamoru Iriguchi (Bang Bang) Shoot me, Love? and (This Headlight is the Only Hope in the Dark) A little adventure into the world of sensuality in the pitchdark. 

Johanna Linsley (Catalogue for the Library of the Unfound) A guide to lost objects, fading memories and desires that just exceed your grasp.

Owen Parry (The Fascist’s Anus) Probing some of history’s prettiest arseholes.

Gaetan Rusquet (P.I.P. show) Let’s see how much time they will resist. A flabby stuff for your pleasure…some jelly for your pleasure.

Betty Wagner (Whipping by Numbers)  “if music be the food of love, play on”... i will, sing, whisper to your ear...would you then give me your number, or...

Yvonne aka Christophe Alix (TEA-CHEST), Possibly a one-to- one cottaging experience, an intimate dance, an one-to- one discussion, an one-to- one something, who knows how would it all end up? The performance is yours, I am just an art prostitute.

Curated by Brian Lobel + Isabelle Bats for Recyclart + Les Brigittines.

Photo by Olivier Donnet. More forthcoming.