Performance Studies International, Utrecht (2011)


Daniel B. Chavez (Embodied Borderlands) This piece is a personae development based on oral histories conducted with two Latina women who migrated undocumented via México while pregnant. This is part of a larger piece, using the model of performance as research.

João Florêncio (Art Swapping) Kiss my lips and I’ll lay a performance inside your mouth. Look at it. Do you like it?

Rachel Gomme (Handover) If I give you my hand, will you give me yours?

Maggie Irving (Sedusa) With her head of fifty writhing snakes, Sedusa waits to petrify. Take a peek and play with this unruly gorgon.

Eirini Kartsaki (Pussy Pocket) I open my pussy pocket and I find inside an autumn leaf, my hair is long and it waves at me, this is your day, this is your day, it says, it looks lonely and kind of sad.

Owen Parry (Bape) Eve Kosofsky Sedwick in her last book before she died made a case for Touching Feeling. This is another one.

Ivan Ramos (Rachel Epithet: Love and Other Melancholias) You’d think that people would have had enough of silly love songs, lip-synched to you.

SurfCampCity (SCC MusicBox) Slip under the covers and start fantasizing as we play all the number one hits: angel, doll, princess, marionette, mannequin, siren. SurfCampCity is Steph Bernston, Sasha Kovacs and Natalie Mathieson.

Hans Vermy (thequeershaker) As more and more of us dive into our own mix tapes/cds/mp3s/playlists/... through our private headphones, the queershaker feels left out and compelled to butt in, however this compulsion has been appropriated into invitation! Please butt in and join the qs in a private dance party: 1 music source, 2 headphones, 2 shakers.

Photos by Marten Kipp