Katy Baird (Exposed) - A moment to stop and really take a look at what is in front of you

Catherine Hoffmann (Madame Ex's paint and taint session) Close your eyes and think of a past lovers face...I will make them appear and it's up to you if you want to knock their block off...

LOW PROFILE (Asparamancy) - Want to know how best to approach your future? Need help making important decisions? THROW THE ASPARAGUS!!!

Lucy Fizz

Luke Pell (Old Flames) - Smoke between our eyes. Some kind of grey body cut up with orange dancing into a tiny jar.

Mamoru Iriguchi - Mamoru’s face is theatre of love. Eye fancies ear. But ear is rather passionate about nose. In the meantime, nose is about to force himself between the lips.  

_________ & Parry (Soggy Biscuit) Mitch is at Carnival in Rio, so Parry needs you to step in for tonight’s performance.

Mehmet Sander (TRUST FALL) - I want you to submit yourself to me.

Season Butler (Like It's 1993) - Ever wondering if the past is all it's cracked up to be? Let's take a trip back twenty years and see.

Sharon Husbands (How to fuck when you're dead) - Regrets are lessons you haven't learned yet.

Stacy Makishi (A knock. A blindfold. An experience) - Walk into the mystery, into the 'closet', into the unknown, you won't regret it.

All photos by Christa Holka.

The following day, Cruising for Art artists participated in 'The Morning After', a group interview for a Special Issue of Performing Ethos on One-to-One performance.

For full text, access Performing Ethos here.

All photos by Christa Holka.