Tate Britain, London (2017)

FEatured CRuisers:

Catherine Long (Needs Must) Skip the chit-chat and get straight to the nitty gritty.

Rachel Mars (HANDJOB) Get manicured for action.

Season Butler

Sarah Stranger

Vida (Vida con Vida) Fashion tips and inspirations by Vida, they will keep you looking 5year old fresh.

Miles Coote (Life Drawing the Bareback Museum) Learn how to push for institutions to change through this life drawing performance workshop about activism, subversion and (partial) nudity.

Andrew Martin Lee (“Out”) Encounters occur both in and out of the closet, but what changes in the light of public eyes?

Eirini Kartsaki (Fish Bone) What happens when you dream of being pregnant only to wake up and find yourself giving birth to a smoked mackerel? What happens when everyone around you is pregnant and they only talk about nappies, pushchairs and motherhood? A show about wanting to be who you are, without a big belly.

Owen Parry

Photos by Amy Wills