Socialisation is like a folk dance lesson: seemingly-innocuous, potentially-traumatising, mandatory…

Ruach (pronounced ROO-ACH with ACH as in ACHTUNG except not exactly) is an interactive dance lesson that tours the highs and lows childhood religiosity. Using his extensive experience as certified Israeli folk dance instructor and camp counsellor, Brian will lead you in a celebration of Ruach (meaning spirit) but be warned he may have you questioning your faith. Oh! And be prepared to dance. If you don’t, Brian will probably think you’re anti-Semitic. Ruach is developed from a shorter work, HORA. Developed with support from Arts Council England and Ovalhouse.

“As hilarious as it is heartfelt”
What’s On Stage

Photo by Joel Fildes

Previous tour dates include The Place, London; Gateshead International Festival of Theatre; Latitude Festival, Suffolk; ArtsAdmin, London; Summerworks, Toronto; LAB, Leeds; Marlborough Theatre, Brighton; Contact Theatre, Manchester; Abbey Wood Theatre Festival; Camden People’s Theatre, London; PSi 13, Zagreb; Ovalhouse, London; Southampton Solent University; Chisenhale Dance Space, London

Full text of Ruach available in On Affirmation, special issue of Performance Research, Vol. 19, Iss. 2, 2014.

The finale of HORA at Chisenhale Art Club: