Schmoozing for Art
JW3 (at Camden arts Centre) and Jewish Book Week, 2012 & 2013 


Schmoozing for Art is a slightly more family-friendly series of one-on-one performances exploring intimacy, serendipity and the classic art of ‘the Schmooze’. If you see a stranger standing in a corner, simply say Hi. What could be simpler than that? You may get taken on a wild journey, a romantic encounter, or a ridiculous ride. Maybe the stranger will not be one of the Shmoozing for Art performers... and maybe you'll just end up having a lovely conversation.

FEATURED SCHMOOZERS at Camden Arts Centre (2012):

Season Butler

Mamoru Iriguchi

Open Barbers

Lisa Gornick


Featured Schmoozers at Jewish Book Week (2013):

Season Butler (Turning, Page):  “[T]he waist is the frontier, only above the waist is man made in God’s image, whereas below it he is a beast. Therefore the wise man must be careful to encircle it.” Primo Levi, ‘The Servant’ in “Sixth Day”.

Julian Fox (So Here I am in the Between Land):   I’ve recently got back from a week in Berlin, where I stayed at Soho House Berlin, once the headquarters of the Nazi Youth. I want to read you a bit of writing that I did there.  And also a song.  

Lisa Gornick (Let’s Get Woody): Make your own Woody Allen film about you and the life you live. Let’s start by drawing together — what will be in it, what Allenisms to include — the music the lights, the introspection — all can be yours if you come schmooze with me.  Lisa Gornick will soon start shooting her third 1st person comedy feature (a woody).

Jonathan Kemp ( ):

Sophie Robinson (the wind sings goodbye to you):  let go of your heart. let it fly. let it float.