The rules of Wank bank were simple: punters to be paid to create a three to five webcam show in a temporary, fully enclosed bedroom installation. Live feed to be projected to the second floor, where one punter pays to watch. No restrictions are made on the conduct of those in the WankBank and the paying customers have no guarantee of what they will see. Some will read a book or just talk for most will take full opportunity of the privacy and buoyant mattress. As per the agreement no permanent video was saved. Created for Duckie’s Gay Shame (Manly), at The Coronet, London and adapted (under the name intimaCCTV), at Act Art IV, London, 2008.

Discussed in:
*Stephen Greer's (2014) ‘Even if we do not take things seriously … we are still doing them’: Disidentification, Ideology, and Queer Performance. In: Chow B., Mangold A. (eds) Žižek and Performance. Performance Philosophy. Palgrave Macmillan, London

*Zerihan, Rachel. 'Gay Shame', Dance Theatre Journal 232 (January 2009): 16–22