FEATURED Cruisers:

Taylan Halici (Measured Response) You've got the white coat and I’m your subject. Are you a Masters or a Johnson? Or maybe a bit of both?

Owen Parry (Salome, Baby! Dance of the Infinite Veil) Parry gives his cheeky Cruising performance Touching Feeling (2011) a new life by temporarily archiving it in the Wellcome Collection next to Oscar Wilde’s theatrical masterpiece Salome (1891), opening new perspectives to both these works.

Katy Baird (me, me, me) A chance to think about your own pleasure.

Season Butler (Love Lies Bleeding) After contact and climax comes The End.

Mamoru Iriguchi (I'm so confessional) Come closer and talk to me in private. I am so confessional.

Catherine Long + Dinis Machado (Get Up, Get On Up) A sensorial abstraction of peculiar, ephemeral detachment.

Project Managed by Maria Agiomyrgiannaki

All photos courtesy of Wellcome Collection, photos below of the results of Katy Baird's me, me, me performance.